TessGruun Seeds & Plants has sprouted from our love for growing vegetables, herbs, flowers and an interest in a great diversity. In our opinion, the choice and diversity were too narrow, prices were often very high and the packages were big. That’s why we decided to bring TessGruun to life. We wanted to put together a wide range of common and less common seeds and plants and offer the chance to buy them in smaller quantities and offer them at lower prices.

Tess is more! More diversity in Seeds & Plants!

TessGruun Arts & Crafts wants to be a platform for everyone who has a passion for creating art and/or products that are handmade, according to traditional methods.
TessGruun Arts & Crafts offers beautiful and unique products, each piece is original. Every single product is unique and handmade with love and dedication. We have earrings, rings, hairpins, cufflinks, tie pins and lots more, everything made from the purest materials and crafted by promising artists.

Tess is more! More attention for Arts & Crafts!

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